Leelanau pirate apparel designed by and for Manitou Passage Marauders,
Great Lakes Mariners, Explorers, Natives and Locals. Approved adornment of
visitors and residents of Good Harbor Bay / Manitou Islands / Leelanau County.

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Leelanau pirate accoutrements for:




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Manitou Passage Underwater Preserve
offers divers a variety of Lake Michigan attractions—from historic dock ruins to fascinating shipwrecks of two centuries.

NPR Day to Day , November 27, 2007 · An underwater archaeologist has found what may be an etching of a mastodon at the bottom of Grand Traverse Bay in Lake Michigan. Members of a local tribe believe that there is a spear in the mastodon, which would be the first ever hard evidence of humans hunting the prehistoric elephant-like animals. Tom Kramer of Interlochen Public Radio reports.

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